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Meet the Team

Get to know us a little more!

Reema Chitalia

Founder and CEO

Masters from University of Chicago. Ex-Deloitte

I conceived Edufit while pursuing my Masters in the University of Chicago. I got the opportunity to closely evaluate the test prep market while I prepped up the lesser privileged students in the USA for their SATs/ACTs. I discovered the varied many deficiencies in the system including the lack of the right structure to set a student on the path of success for test prep.

With this vision in mind, I founded Edufit- an online test prep solution.  The Edufit methodology of teaching breaks down the concept into a byte-size, step-by-step micro-concepts that the students can easily absorb. At the end of every class, the student has a set of executable strategies that can be applied to arrive at the right answer with the highest accuracy, in the shortest possible time.

60% of a child’s chances to get into their dream school depends on their SAT/ACT score and academic performance. With the Edufit methodology, I guarantee you that you/your child will conquer these tests and get into your dream school

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Romil Chitalia

Head of Sales and Operation, CTO

Master’s, University of Technology Sydney. MBA, University of California Irvine. Ex- accountant at Uber.

When my sister discussed the idea of Edufit, I was completely bowled over by her idea and her passion for education.

I decided to join her on her entrepreneurial journey by assisting her with marketing and creating a strong brand for the company.

I also assisted in putting together a solid structure in place for the company to flourish in the shortest possible time thereby adhering to its core principles of excellence, accessibility, and integrity.

My long-term vision is to ensure that Edufit reaches every nook and cranny around the world so that every student can into the university of his choice

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Board of Advisors

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